Coming April 2023!!

3,000 colorful Collectible artworks, at least 8 different traits


Impostor Minting is now LIVE!

Countdown until Mibesto803's Impostors Have Arrived!

Each Impostor NFT will be Rare, but some will be especially Rare, With Surprise, 1-of-a-kind Traits

Who ARE these Impostors?

The artist Mibesto803 is Michael Stone – previously known as Micheal B Sapp. He was one of 60+ artists collaborating to create Artvatars, the first art project on the Polygon (MATIC) block chain. Now he is busy creating THIS very exclusive collection.

When the ancient Wisdom disappeared, all humanity vanished with it.
and then the Impostors emerged.
They wanted to be human but did not know how.
So, they went looking for it elsewhere....

What they did not know was that
the ancient wisdom was among them.

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